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Los Angeles Downtown News: Flower Market Tops Sun Power

The solar panel project, completed over the summer, was covered by Los Angeles Downtown News. The story highlights the features of the solar panels as well as the city departments and initiatives that helped fund the project. City involvement and incentives included a $600,000 rebate from the Solar Incentive Program, which funded the purchase of the panels. 

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2011-10-04 13:23

Solar Powers Life at the Flower Market

by Peggi Ridgway

Cultures around the world embrace myths about the sun, all of them recognizing the sun’s importance and value. Our lives as we know them would not be possible without the sun. The flower fields that once blanketed the Los Angeles area and helped California evolve into the flower basket of the nation, would not have existed without the brightest star in our universe, the sun.
In recent years, advancing technology has catapulted our respect for the sun to energy-efficient, green systems friendly to the environment, that help reduce our carbon footprint while reducing our energy costs. We’ve taken giant steps with solar panels, which help us employ those life-giving rays to powering our facilities and activities.
2011-08-18 15:44

Bloomin' News

Now we know why floral designers and florists say they 'love' to shop at the Original Los Angeles Flower Market. In our research, for this story, we walked the aisles of the Market and quickly found friendly faces and helpful tips

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